Sunday, May 6, 2012


There is one such story film imprint in my head. The title is Forest Gump. So love him the same film, until now already three times I've watched this movie. One of the scenes that I really liked is that in describing his prologue by a piece of flying feathers, floating around more follow the wind.

There is a strong reason why I really like the same movie at the same time starring Tom Hanks. In my opinion, the values in the same film, a closely similar really our lives a day. A story about a matter a fact of life that often does not correspond to the expectations and ideals. More recently, the memory of this film back street story popped into my head. A bit of me you know the plot. In the film's release in 1995, which would like to convey to the Director in his possible about the life process. From one scene to another scene, describe the characters in the movie when trying reaching ideals. They are so obsessed with the hope of each. Come to a when the fact was not in favour of hope. They then escape from the problem, then became frustrated.

However , in the later part film that have inspired me it is told how forest and teman- his friend start terms with their hopes . Yes , , in this life is often times harapan couldn ' t always come true . Some of us may be angry with himself . Or accuse others for failure who afflicts . Life is often according to what imagined . Diverse problems begin to appear time we will not accept reality . If like this a person will start living in the dream That slowly will make alive be added broken . I think , indeed sick it feels if what has that long we want and to dead , we will try to fail to gained by the . But so , nature having its own way to make human flourishing at maturity .

If considering the prologue of the film , life is resembling bristles that it drifts down there to here . We will not can guess would where are we in the day , or will be what we next few years . Needs to be remembered in mind i think is gratitude for what possessed the moment , if it tried to yell gratitude , it 's not a sad day shall be no more . As the end of the forest gump . (Kid -oest News)

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