Friday, May 11, 2012

For Your Info (1)

  • Never heard of the term Zionism? The terminology was popularized the Jewish philosopher Nathan Birnbaum, in 1890. Zionism is taken from the name of the Mount Zion where the Temple of Jerusalem stood. Zionism is a movement to unify the dispersal of Jews around the world because they do not have a homeland. New in 1948 with the aid of land and they acquire United Kingdom established Israel. When the land they take it belongs to the Palestinians!
  • Eskimos use refrigerators to keep food not frozen too!
  • One kilogram sugar average consisting of 5 million grain of sugar . Don ' t believe it ? ? Try count bro !  
  • Windmill world-wide usually rotating opposite from the round clockwork . Except windmill in ireland . 
  • A vessel of titanic sank on on april 15 , 1912 . More than 1,500 people were killed after the boat hit the iceberg . About 14 years before the incident , morgan robertson once wrote novelist whose novels describe events of the same . Measure the ship is very similar . The name of the ship in a novel robertson are titan .  
  • In general part which are darker than buah- vegetables or fruits are the most containing nutrients . 
  • A pencil can be used to write about 50 thousand word in the english language . That have free time , we can make the line along 50 km with a pencil .  
  • The moon is a million times more arid than the wilderness dry in the earth . 
  • Desert locust hordes of 20 thousand tons was able to spend a plant a day.
  • Don 't know which the country most wasteful ? United states consume 25 percent of all the energy the world .  
  • If we find statue depicting someone is on a horse try pehatikan position of the foot the horse . If two forelegs raised , mean person who pictured rode it was killed in a battle . If one foot raised , the one who rode died from injury incurred in the war . If there was no feet appointed ? The one who rode death because for another . 
  • Fish that live dikedalaman 800 meters or more below sea level , his eyes don 't work . Has not caught what they love to collide or not . If it collided must be the fish won 't cry , "where are your eyes huh ?" 



  1. Zionism something that I don't like. kill all zionism

  2. thanks for sharing the information this information help me to muc


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