Friday, May 11, 2012


Assessed that moreover , criticise , make some people whose occupation most enjoyable . I mean according to them that is the least easy . With no power . Stay gristly ; read or check , listen , then find just the part most ugly . From there so it the judgment or criticism . 

When in fact it is not so easy. . In judgment and then became material criticisms many reasons to be considered . Most easily is of course , credibility the valuer or critics own . Yes , how the story a servile or could score also criticized if he was master what was judged .  

Not our intention to make you confused with shout me this time . Because , recently many claimed right away as a critic without backlit clear . Judge and criticize anything , start of the film , music , sport , to politics , and then argued that his opinion as the most right . As a result , yes we as readers , audience , or of an audience , so confused and ask yourself . 

Out of it , shout it made me ' s edition . Let appraisement about who 's the best 'm fucked up . Fair and not miss . Because they are so valuer here is actually the reader of course . It 's not who is not clear but his or her home 'd know that . So .  (Kid -oest News)

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