Friday, May 11, 2012


 “we could be heroes for just one day…”
(Heroes - David Bowie)

That song had been popular right more at the wallflowers and in so right movie soundtrack godzilla , some years ago . Cool though . Lyrics , yes yes the music . Nope excessive man its contents . Everybody could is be the hero .  The question now is : what 's the real hero was that ? ? Who should bearing the title of a hero ? ? 

If the indonesian language , refer to a dictionary a hero got some meaning . A hero for example , which means fighter who gallant or one who prominence because of courage and pengorbananya in defending the truth .  

So the point of a hero never fear opposed to all the mistakes . If ngeliat there is no true , he will soon be mengkoreksinya . He also willing to receive the risk for his actions .  (Kid -oest News)


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