Friday, December 9, 2011

Complaint Letters

PT Blade Service
Electronic And Service
Jl.Lebak Bulus No.23 Ciamis,Jawa Barat Tel (021)9988123
08 July 2011
PT Karwaci
Jl.Mataram No.20 Bogor
Jawa Barat
Dear Sirs,

We ordered 30 units Laptop on 2 July and they were delivered on 5 July. I regret that 6 of them have problem with Lcd .

The package containing these goods appeared to be in perfect condition and I accepted and signed for it without question. It was on unpacking the laptop the damage was discovered; I can only assume that laptop was due to careless handling at same stage prior to packing.
I am enclosing a list of the damaged goods and shall be glad if you will replace them. They have been kept aside in case you need them to support a claim your supplier for compensation.

Yours Faithfully,
Sales Manager

Reply Letters:

PT Karwaci
Jl.Mataram No.20 Bogor
Tel (021)7795432
Your ref : JX/js
Our ref : SC/st
14 July 2011

PT Blade Service

Electronic And Service Jl.Lebak Bulus No.23 Ciamis,Jawa Barat Tel (021)9988123

Dear Mr Joni

I was sorry to learn from your letter or 08 July that some of the laptop supplied to this order were damaged when they reached you.
Replacements for the damaged goods have been sent by package post tomorrow morning .It will not be necessary for you to return the damaged goods; they maybe destroyed.
Despite the care we take in packing goods there have recently been several reports of damage. To avoid further inconvenience and annoyance to costumers, as well as expense to ourselves, we are now seeking the advice of a packing consultant in the hope of improving our methods of handling.
We apologize once again for this, and hope the steps we use taking will ensure the safe arrival of all yours orders in future.

Your Sincerely
Marketing manager


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  1. Dapat award Sob. Mohon diambil di trima kasih :D


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